Kamagra tablets and gel: what is it,instructions

Modern men know how to improve their sexual performance. To date, many pharmaceutical companies offer drugs that increase libido , improve erection and prolong the time of sexual intercourse . Developments and tests in this direction allow producing more and more new and more effective means. Undoubtedly, in this industry there are recognized leaders – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.

They were tested by special programs and admitted to the public at large. But since considerable funds have been spent on development, testing and patents, the cost of these drugs is quite high. Enterprising Indian manufacturers closely follow the new patented preparations of this series. The thing is that the term of the patent is limited, after which it is possible to produce their analogues (generics). No need to spend money on development, since there is already an original, you just need to add a few neutral components and re-design the name and type of packaging (this is considered the intellectual property of the discoverer).

This is how the “Kamagra” was born – a wonderful analogue of Viagra, but worth several times cheaper. Note that this does not affect the quality of the product. So, what kind of drug is this, is it really effective, and where can one get it – these questions will be answered right now.

Active component

Sildenafil – synthesized artificially, when searching for drugs for the treatment of coronary heart disease. The side effect had a pleasant effect on the test subjects – an increase in the flow of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis. From 1992-94, the study went another way, and the first version of Viagra was created and tested. Further, having patented the invention, the campaign gained worldwide fame and remained a monopoly producer for some time. However, the expired patent term allowed other companies to copy the working formula. Subsequently, Tadalafil, Vardenafil and Avanafil were synthesized, which ensured healthy competition for the Viagra brand.

Men react differently to the diversity of this particular market. Someone prefers more expensive, but proven drugs. Others, while retaining hard earned savings, prefer generics. Naturally, the same effect is implied, but at lower financial costs.

Generic Kamagra contains the maximum allowable dose of sildenafil (100 mg). This helps him to attract a lot of new users, because, for example, the average man, without obvious painful abnormalities in the genitourinary and reproductive system, requires only 50 mg of active substance. Hence, having bought a blister with 4 tablets, it actually gets 8 full “nights of love”.

Basic information about the preparation

The active component of Kamagra is sildenafil (that is, the same as that of Viagra). It has three dosage forms:

  1. Pills kamagra;
  2. Gel oral jelly which means “oral intake” (the gel needs to be dissolved in the mouth);
  3. Kamagra, soluble in water (tablets effervescent).

The effect of the drug is quite fast, the desired effect is achieved 20 minutes after use, if it is a gel and a soluble form, and in an hour – if it is a tablet. The duration of the action is from 5 to 8 hours.

Sensible plus – you can take, even if you drink alcohol (which can not be done with Viagra ).

The standard amount recommended for a single dose is 100mg. It is indicated directly on the package. Generic is produced by Indian pharmacists, as already mentioned.

Packages can be in two colors – red and green. The effect of the drug is stronger than that of dietary kamagrasupplements, since sildenafil is an artificially synthesized component not found in nature. It is this moment that determines the rapid action, whereas plant complexes act after a long time. In fact, the drug will improve the blood supply to the genital organ, expanding the vessels and accelerating blood circulation in principle. However, the manufacturers of kamagra managed to achieve a layout that eliminated the side effects inherent in the original drugs (overstrain of the heart muscle, dizziness and others). Let’s pass to a detailed examination of each dosage form.

The tableted form is represented by gray-green or dull blue tablets, with an imprint of the logo of the Indian company. In a blister, the number of tablets is always the same – 4 pieces each. Kamagra gold can be ordered without a cardboard package, which automatically reduces the price (almost 2 times). With this form of order, blister numbers must contain information about the lot number and the release series. The drug helps with:

  • Erectile dysfunction ;
  • Weak erections ;
  • Sexual weakness due to age.

Kamagra gold is suitable for most men between the ages of 18 to 60 years, is not addictive, in some cases you can even take half the dose.

By the way, an allergic reaction is also excluded, except for the one that occurs on the active substance itself.

The dosage of 100 mg is also optimal, so one tablet is enough for a day. Excitation comes only after stimulation of the sexual organ, that is, do not worry if you take the drug before the morning sex. But still try to use kamagra gold in the evening, just before sexual intercourse.

Kamagra gel – reviews

This form very quickly won the preferences of buyers. Unlike kamagra gold, the effect of using the gel comes much faster, which is good for spontaneous sex. Take the gel need to be oral, that is, the contents of the sachet is simply swallowed, after a short stay in the mouth. Through the salivary glands and receptors, the active substance quickly enters the blood. The manufacturer made a gel with several tastes – banana, multivitamin, pineapple, etc. those who do not like to swallow tablets, it is the gel form gives all the necessary benefits. Kamagra gel reviews left only positive, but here there are some nuances:

  • First, it is necessary that his reception is authorized by a specialist urologist;
  • Secondly, you need to know for sure that there is no allergy to sildenafil;
  • Thirdly, it can not be combined with the intake of substances belonging to the group of nitrates;
  • Fourthly, erectile dysfunction should not be accompanied by serious systemic diseases. This can adversely affect the condition when taking kamagra gold or kamagra gel.

The gel is sold in individual bags, the number is not less than 5 pieces at a time. One dose is used at one time. Kamagra gel reviews has, and basically all men are satisfied. Women are not recommended to take this medication, because there were no studies on the effect on the female body. True, some ladies order Viagra for personal use, but there is no statistical data on the effect on the female body and orgasm. The gel is not required to be washed down with water, which is an additional convenience. Raising the natural potency, Kamagra gel works to eliminate inconveniences and bed fiasco.

kamagra gel


Kamagra gold or kamagra gel, reviews about which already exist among – speaking users – convenient and affordable substitutes for certified Viagra. The tablet form is more familiar, and the gel acts faster. The instructions show how to take both forms of the drug:

  1. The tablet is washed down with water, and the action begins within an hour;
  2. The gel is simply used orally, without water, or it can be diluted in any drink.

Pleasant flavors – this is an additional bonus from the manufacturer. Do not get carried away with kamagra if there are such diseases as:

  • Ulcer of duodenum;
  • Stomach ulcer;
  • Curvature of the penis (congenital or after trauma);
  • Heart and kidney failure;
  • Problems with the brain;
  • Diabetes mellitus and oncological tumors;
  • Heart attacks and strokes;
  • Too low (or high) blood pressure.

Side effects are very weak. Only a few men (out of a thousand respondents) complain of insignificant:

  1. Fast-passing dizziness;
  2. Violations of color perception (short-term);
  3. Tides of blood to the skin of the face;
  4. Sometimes on stuffy nasal sinuses.

Here such unique preparation can be bought in drugstores or to order through the Internet shops. Its quality and reliability justify the boldest expectations, and the ease of use and the speed of the onset of the positive effect are impressive.

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