Sex and Bodybuilding: Does Sex Affect Muscle Growth?

There are different opinions among bodybuilders about the effect of sex on strength, muscle growth, and rate of progression. Some argue that having sex interferes with the athlete’s normal recovery between workouts, while others find sex beneficial for progress in strength and endurance. So how does sex actually affect the bodybuilder?

First, let’s take a look at the arguments of each of the parties. What is wrong with dumbbell and barbell lovers seeing frequent sex? What’s wrong with bodybuilding sex? Firstly, the very process of recovery, so necessary for the normal development and progression of a bodybuilder, is unthinkable without rest and healthy sleep. Moreover, it is in a dream that the desired process of recovery and super compensation of muscle fibers, which athletes strive for, takes place.

Sex and Bodybuilding: Pros and Cons


Opponents of bodybuilding sex during the training period argue that too frequent personal life interferes with normal sleep and rest, because of which the muscles do not have time to recover and progress is minimized or even absent.

In addition, semen contains a large amount of protein, which is so necessary for the repair and growth of muscle tissue. And its loss, especially before bedtime, seems to be very painful. What will muscles be built from? The male hormone alone will not cope with this task. Moreover, now the body will still spend energy and the same protein to create new sperm – and this again happens at night, when energy is so necessary for muscle growth.


As for those weight lovers who advocate that bodybuilder sex has a place in the life of a bodybuilder, they are also very reasoned. And their main argument is the quantitative content of testosterone (male hormone) in the body of a bodybuilder. If necessary, erection stimulants that can be purchased at adequate prices (Sildenafil or Tadalafil) can improve your sex life.

The level of hormonal background (testosterone content in the body) significantly affects a large number of male functions. A high level contributes to greater sexuality, self-confidence. But most importantly, men with such a hormonal background are more physically enduring, capable of great physical exertion and the fastest recovery after them. Thus, it is important for a bodybuilder to have high hormonal levels. Of course, training in the gym raises the amount of testosterone, but only for a short period of time. To establish and maintain high levels of this hormone, regular sex is essential. They then contribute to the maintenance of testosterone levels at a high bar.

does sex affect bodybuilding

Hormonal Balance

Energy and protein losses during sex can be easily restored with a protein shake. By drinking a protein blend before bed to boost hormonal balance, there is no need to worry about the lack of essential elements in the body. And a high level of testosterone will provide faster muscle recovery, which will certainly affect their growth.

The Bottom Line

Thus, having sex in a bodybuilder’s life is not a hindrance to progression in bodybuilding. On the contrary, its presence can have a positive effect on the state of the hormonal level and the rate of recovery of an athlete after training and, accordingly, the rate of its progression.

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